We assign places at our Overnights, GetActive and Play & Care Services through referrals from Camden’s Short Breaks Services.

Referring professionals can help parents complete a Self-Assessment Referral Tool (SART) Form and send the form alongside an existing report/annual review and a functional needs assessment to [email protected].  

For a consultation regarding the child / young person’s needs and eligibility call Children and Young People with Disabilities Service Duty Officer:

Tel: 0207 974 3597

Email: [email protected]


Places will then be allocated at Short Breaks Panel based on the child or young person meeting Children and Young People Disability Service Eligibility criteria and an assessment being completed by a social worker/short breaks assessor and an identified need being included within the Short Breaks Care Plan.  

Once a space has been allocated at Short Breaks Panel, referring professionals should then contact

To discuss eligibility for referral and availability of space on the project. Once this has been confirmed, please complete the appropriate referral form:

GetActive Referral Form

Overnights Referral Form

Play & Care Referral Form 

We will then get in touch with you to discuss if we can meet the child or young person’s needs. If we accept the referral, our staff will then meet with the parent to discuss the needs of the child and arrange for the service to start.