The Play Providers Fund was set up in 2016 by a group of 10 Play Centres in Camden to provide heavily subsidised play centre spaces to children referred by schools, health and other professionals

Below are links to the centres offering Play Providers Fund spaces and the primary schools they collect children from as well as further information for professionals (including the eligibility criteria and referral deadline dates)

Please ensure that you have read the information for referrers and that parent/carer has provided consent before making a referral.

Please contact us for more information about the Play Providers Fund. 

School holiday dates / Play Providers Fund referral deadlines

Easter holidays: 6th -17th April 2020 Deadline: 4th March - Panel 10th March
May Half term: 25th -29th May 2020 
Summer Holidays:  27th July – 28th August 2020 Deadline 23rd June – Panel 1st July
October Half term: 26th – 30th October 2020

Play Centres and Linked Primary Schools

View the list of centres offering Play Providers Fund spaces and the primary schools they collect children from. 

How to make a referral 

Download the Play Providers Referral Form, complete it and send the form to [email protected] 

Information for Referrers

The Play Providers Fund ‘offer’ is generally 2 days p/w (after school and/or during school holidays) for 6 months dependent on funds / availability.

Children are offered a core day during school holidays (11am-4pm) after school club places generally finish at 6pm. 

If families require a longer day during school holidays (due to work or other responsibilities) they should make arrangements to self-fund any additional hours directly with the Play Provider. 

Parents/carers are asked to contribute to the cost of provision (£3 per day during school holidays, £1.50 per session at after school club). 

In case of real financial hardship it may be possible to waive the parental contribution, if this is the case please make this request in the referral form. 

Children must meet the Early Help eligibility criteria to be considered for a Play Providers Fund space (see referral form – presenting issues). 

Decisions regarding Play Providers Fund offers are made by a rotating panel of 3 Play Centre managers.
Identifying information within the form (names, addresses and contact details) are redacted before panel. 

Play Providers Fund panels take place termly (see panel dates below) referrals must be received before the deadline date in order to be considered.

Play Providers Fund ‘offers’ are not guaranteed as they are dependent on eligibility, available funds, demand and availability at play centre. 

Play Provider Fund places are funded at a staff/child ratio of 1:8.
If the child you are working with requires additional support please make contact before making a referral to discuss options. 

Parents/carers should be advised that places are at risk if not well used and to please make contact with providers if they do not wish to take up provision as spaces can then be re-allocated to other children.