Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support is a time-limited intervention programme lasting for 6 months. The programme helps young people with challenging behaviours or complex communication needs engage in meaningful activities in their community, which they would not usually be able to do.

The aim of Positive Behaviour Support is to understand why, when and how the young person’s challenging behaviours happen. We use personalised support to find ways of managing these behaviours, help the young person communicate their needs in a positive way and improve their quality of life and the quality of life for those around them.

What Support is Available?

We work closely with families to create a personalised, flexible programme of support, including a Behaviour Support Plan based on the young person’s specific needs and interests. The programme will also include regular sessions with a dedicated support worker and a second support worker if needed. Sessions are available on weekdays after school hours, with the possibility weekend sessions, subject to availability.

The number and length of these sessions will depend on how many hours your child is allocated as part of their care plan.

For Parents and Carers: How to Access Our Service

Places at our Positive Behaviour Support Service are allocated to eligible parents by Camden CYPDS (Children and Young People Disability Service) following a Short Breaks Panel meeting.

In order to apply for Short Breaks, you will need to fill in a a Self-Assessment Referral Tool (SART) Form (a professional such as a social worker, health professional or school SENCo can help you with this if required). You should then send the completed form alongside an annual review/clinical letter from a health professional or school to [email protected].  Once Camden Council has received your SART form, they will consider your eligibility for Short Breaks, this will include liaising with professionals stated on the form.

If you are already confirmed as eligible for Short Breaks and are interested in accessing our services, please speak to your allocated social worker or Camden Children and Young People with Disabilities Service Duty Officer.

If you would like help with the referral process, or a consultation regarding your child’s needs and eligibility call Camden Children and Young People with Disabilities Service Duty Officer:

Tel: 0207 974 3597

Email: [email protected]

If you are referred to our service, we will then discuss the needs of your child or young person with you and your referring social worker and arrange for the service to start. 

Information for referring Professionals

If you would like to refer a child or young person to our Overnights service, please visit:

Short Breaks Referrals