PACE is a grass-roots charity founded by a group of parents and play work professionals in Camden, North London, we provide a range of services for children aged 2-18 years old.

Our mission is to create and sustain high-quality, inclusive and responsive services that improve the wellbeing of children, young people and their families.

We are seeking a Treasurer to join the Board of Trustees and contribute their skills and experience.


Role Description for the Charity Treasurer 

Overall Purpose

The treasurer will oversee the financial matters of the charity in line with good practice and in accordance with the governing document and legal requirements and report to the Board of Trustees at regular intervals about the financial health of the organisation.

The treasurer will ensure that effective financial measures, controls and procedures are put in place, and are appropriate for the charity.

Despite the additional responsibility the treasurer will have in overseeing the financial matters of the charity, all trustees continue to be jointly and severally responsible, and therefore liable, for the administration of the charity.

Main Responsibilities

  • To oversee, and present budgets, accounts, management accounts and financial statements to the board of trustees after discussion with the staff responsible for the financial activities of the organisation.
  • To ensure that proper accounts and records are kept, ensuring financial resources are spent and invested in line with the charity’s policies, good governance, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To be instrumental in the development and implementation of financial, reserves and investment policies.

Main Duties

  • Liaising, where applicable, with appropriate member of staff responsible for the financial activities of the organisation.
  • Chairing any finance committee in line with standing orders and terms of reference, and reporting back to the board of trustees.
  • Liaising with the charity’s auditors or independent examiner, where appropriate.
  • Monitoring and advising on the financial viability of the charity after liaising with the charity’s auditors.
  • Creating, in liaison with the appropriate staff, sound financial instruments for the control of charity assets.
  • Implementing and monitoring specific financial controls and systems are in place accordingly and adhered to.
  • Advising on the financial implications of the charity’s strategic plan.
  • Liaising with the charity secretary and finance director, where applicable, to ensure that the charity’s annual accounts are compliant with the current Charities SORP.
  • Where the charity has an internal audit function, the treasurer will be required to work closely any sub-committee of the board of trustees.
  • Acting as a counter-signatory on charity cheques, including any electronic transactions, and any applications for funds.
  • Maintaining sound financial management of the charity’s resources, ensuring expenditure is in line with the charity’s objects.
  • Contributing to the fundraising strategy of the organisation.

Specific skills, knowledge or experience

The new Treasurer will take on general trustee governance responsibilities and will be a qualified accountant with specific expertise in:

  • Accountancy
  • Financial planning, management and reporting
  • Business or charity management

Commitment/ Time for the role

The time commitment to the role is around 1 day per month however there is a need for flexibility and extra attention during times of organisational change. As treasurer you will need to prepare for and attend:

  • Six Board meetings per year which usually occur on Thursdays 5-7pm
  • Four meetings of the Finance sub-committee per year
  • Work with PACE staff on the preparation of Budgets and Accounts
  • Other events where possible such as away days, fundraising, meeting with potential funders and awareness raising events

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