Fortune Green Pre-School Spring Newsletter

Salaam, Shalom! A BIG WELCOME to all our new children who started in January we are delighted to have you here with us. We are looking forward to us getting to know each other. New families bring a wonderful and exciting dynamic to our group. We love working in partnership with Parents and Carers. We are ALWAYS happy to meet with you to talk about anything you may need. Settling in is a tricky time, together we will do our best to make it a smooth transition. We welcome Parents to join in activities so if you have a special skill that links to our EYFS curriculum come and join in.

learning themes for this term are celebrating cultural festivals including Chinese New Year.

This year 2019 is

the year of the Pig.

Can you see what animal represents the year you were born?

Thank you Lucas and Mummy Helen for sharing gifts from China with us. We learnt about how children in China and Hong Kong celebrate New Year with gifts of money and fortune cookies.

We read a great story about Peppa Pig celebrating too!!

Our Weekend Bear

Our weekend bear has had a wonderful time going home with so many of you at the weekend.

Trips to the theatre, church, painting stones as well as flying a plane have been so very exciting. It is great to see your proud faces when we share your time together during circle time. Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful feedback and entries in our special book.

 It has been very hectic so a rest was needed! Weekend Bear will be ready for more action after half term! Please ask us if you would like to take Bear home.

We have also been focusing on new beginnings and All about Me. We have celebrated our differences and looked at what makes us so special as individuals. We  paid lots of attention to our bodies and learnt new vocabulary to name parts of our bodies. Do you remember where your wrist is? or your neck, shoulders and ankles are? Can you point to them? We remembered how important it is to exercise and stay healthy to look after our bodies.

Check the Parents Noticeboard for our current learning themes and the planning which underpins our EYFS curriculum.


Spring Half-Term February 18-22nd 

Easter Holiday April 5th – April 24th

Summer Half –term May 27th-31st

 SUMMER TERM ENDS Friday July 19th.

After the Easter holidays we have an INSET day so return on Tuesday April 24th.

Please can you check your children’s hair regularly for head lice as they are a common occurrence.

We ask you not to bring toys from home as they can go missing and this causes upset.

We really enjoyed the snow and decided to bring the snow inside! We thought about which animals like a snowy habitat and choose Penguins, Polar bears, Whales and Sharks. We learnt that snow melts inside and turns into water because the temperature inside is warmer than outside. Our animals had a lovely swim in the snow. We will be thinking more about Seasons this term and we are looking forward to longer, brighter days ahead. We will be planting flowers and enhancing our outdoor space. Come and join in and do some gardening with us!

                                                                            Letter of the Week

For those new families who have joined us, we focus on a new letter each week so children can learn the initial letter sounds and practice their phonics. We do this daily during our circle time with the children singing our phonics song and sharing items in a basket. Please ask us for a copy of the phonics song and we welcome items from home to add to our basket.